Fabian Utsch

3D & motion artist with an affinity for procedural cleverness, creating animations for advertising and real-time content.

Moving Elements

Collection of my research in order to expand my knowledge of simulations and procedural workflows.

Procedural Level Generation

How far can one push a procedural system to create a new level out of a classic game?


A collection of creative research, work in progress and happy accidents.

Dark Passenger

A prototype of an action-packed asymmetric coop game.

Labello Lips2Kiss

I took part in creating the latest Labello TVC and animations for the growing Lips2Kiss range.


Additional renderings for the online marketing channels, besides the existing TVC content. 

Labello Scrubs

Swirl animation and additional product animations for the launch of the Labello Scrubs.


3D renderings and animation for the redesigned 8x4 collection.

Moving Types

Build in 3D and placed in a natural environment, the letters are rotating and form the name of the exhibition.

War Ein Ries

"War Ein Ries" is an animation for a german kids show, which is set in the nostalgic atmosphere of a classic children's book.